Kill Spills 2007

Finally got time to sort this out – filmed in vertical format not widesrcreen so I had to find out how to re-crop it to save everyone from having to watch with their heads tilted to one side.

The rally was the 2007 Kill Spills rally which is a protest about diesel spills – we started in London and rode with a police escort up the M1 to Donington Park. Travelling with the police is fantastic, they closed all the on-ramps and off-ramps so that no-one could break up the rally and kept a beady eye on all the dozy drivers who tried to cut in while we were filtering.

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2 responses to “Kill Spills 2007

  1. But you have to go so slooooooly. Otherwise it looks like a blast. I'm pleasantly surprised by all the full dress tourers. I thought it would be more of the sport/naked bike crowd.

  2. It got a bit quicker once we were clear of London – especially the motorway part,but it must have been legal because I was slower than the police escort (your honour!)There were even a few guys on mega-scooters – tended to be older guys who couldn't get their legs over a "proper" bike any more.

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