QotD: Online Splurge

You have $100 to spend online in the next hour.  How are you going to spend it?

That's a tricky amount – it's not enough for something really luxurious, like an Aerostich Roadcrafter, (which has been on my wish list for about 10 years!), but it's too much to blow on something trivial.  I might use it to replace the mirror which I smashed up last fall – replacement cost, 52 quid. Or I might use it to buy tickets for something – it's time to bag another hollywood star doing their best to act in the West End, Orlando Bloom was very decorative in a fairly bad play recently but I haven't seen Rufus Sewell for a while – I heard he was heading to Broadway to reprise Rock and Roll – so I think that's my answer! Would have to find the air fare separately, I guess.

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