End of the road for filtering?

TfL are reported to be planning for £120 fines for cars “straying” into cycle lanes. Now, most bikers in London filter on the right, but the big bit of green tarmac at the front of the lights is a good place to wait once you’ve filtered to the front of the the queue. Yes, technically it’s illegal because you’ve passed the solid white stop line. But it’s a lot safer than having to wait between the queues of cars, lorries and buses. And it seems pretty well tolerated at the moment. Are TfL really saying that any biker that does this owes them £120? Filtering the queues is how bikes cut congestion – it’s a good thing. There are even trials going on in some parts of London where bikes and m’cycles can share the Advanced Stop Line. But this proposal could stop it stone dead. As with traffic calming and the continuing ban on bikes in bus lanes, once again we are threatened with a policy which might make the roads safer for one lot of two-wheel road users at the expense of the others. Pretty stupid.



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2 responses to “End of the road for filtering?

  1. For some time now I have wanted to make an aerial video (time elapsed maybe) of traffic in Athens. At every successive red traffic light a ragbag of at least 30 motorcycles congregates – bikes percolate through the steaming traffic at all angles before the great off. This is ultimate mass filtering – somewhat like the scenes depicted in the film 300…. I could not imagine the Mayoress of Athens even contemplating silly Leninspart proposals – she would be fed to the Persians in a blink of the Delphic oracle’s eye.PS I still hav’nt bagged any RBR landmarks yet – it will be an Indiam summer fest – I’m sure of it!

  2. Hi Nikos! I like the idea of bikes percolating – keeping the traffic circulting like a good espresso gets the blood circulating 🙂

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