roads so hot they’re literally steaming

Well – despite dire predictions most of today's miles rolled out under blue skies and little white clouds – oddly, even those miles where huge raindrops were bouncing off my chest and causing physical pain! I am a bit of an idiot about waterproofs, i hate riding with them on so as long as i can see some blue sky i persuade myself it isn't too bad and refuse to stop and do the banana dance which is required to stuff myself into them. Rain does good things too – cleans the flies off your visor, for one thing. Also makes you really appreciate the sun when it shines on your soggy self to dry you out. And it makes everything clean and sparkly – and makes the roads steam gently. Sorry, Chief Constable Brunstrom – you'll never rid the north welsh roads of bikers: they are so hot they're smokin'!

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