QotD: I Take These Things For Granted

What are five things you take for granted? 
Submitted by meowkitty.

This is a really difficult one! So I am going to cheat and do 5 things I don't take for granted:-

1. The bike starting first time – we had an autumn, winter and spring of hell until I changed workshops and the new guy diagnosed a bust coil. Since then all has been sweet.

2. Loved ones coming home safe – had a brush with this on 7.7 when I thought someone I cared about was on the bus that was blown up. He wasn't, but it gave me just a tiny glimpse of what the people for whom this was true were about to go through. Never has a key in the door sounded better.

3. A warm home – the central heating unit burnt out in my house one winter, you don't know what a difference it makes until it isn't there!

4. An interesting job – I have one now, but I have had lots that weren't!

5. Contentment. Easy to overlook, hard to live without.

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One response to “QotD: I Take These Things For Granted

  1. I second you on the furnace, ours went for the big one early last December. It was still able to generate a very small amount of heat but the fan wouldn't blow it around the house anyway. We got lucky because it wasn't very cold that week. Can you believe that one of the repair shops actually told us that they'd come by and look at it in about three weeks! After a bit of complaining and phoning around we got someone in a couple of days, just before it dropped to -20C.

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