Bank Holiday Drizzler

Hardy outdoor types are fond of remarking that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothes.

I beg to differ. When two inches of rain is bouncing off your helmet – it’s bad weather.

Sunday was possibly the wettest I have been on 2 wheels – after 120 miles in constant heavy rain, I squelched to the cafe in Toddington services leaving a trail of puddles. The management were looking at me as if they wanted to follow me round with a “warning – wet floor” triangle.

To add insult to injury, Moto have replaced god’s honest hot-air hand dryers with fancy Dyson Blades – Mr Dyson’s invention is good at drying hands but does nothing for gloves, fleeces, neck tubes or helmet linings….



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4 responses to “Bank Holiday Drizzler

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  2. ah well, no one can call you a fairweather biker,

  3. It’s grand to see a nice stylish pair of traditional leather riding boots – too much horrid synthetic stuff around these days I fear..

  4. I need to replace them but Altberg don’t do them any more 😦

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