Is there such a thing as an average biker?

I've been reading the TRL report, "The Accident Risk of Motorcyclists" (yes, I know I should get out more). Disappointingly it seems to prove that women are worse at this 2-wheel lark than men – while 11% of male bikers surveyed had an accident in the previous 12 months, 15% of females who took part in the survey had crashed.

Or maybe we're just more honest in surveys!!

The good news is that the report also concludes that, contrary to lurid headlines, the accident rate per motorcycle or per km has been stable for a decade. So the case for speed limiters, bans from town centres and the many other strange ideas that get proposed to save us from ourselves remains unsupported by the evidence.

Other statistical gems: the average biker is 43 years old, and rides 4,677 miles a year. 245 of the study participants were over 70.

And finally – p 20 provides justification for bikers feeling superior – "Motorcycle riding is inherently much more demanding than car driving." We knew that πŸ™‚

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2 responses to “Is there such a thing as an average biker?

  1. I think women are just more honest! πŸ™‚ The people I generally see driving like maniacs (in cars or on motorcycles) are men. Of course there are women too, but I don't think as many.

  2. What a Nice bike. You've reached my dream. congratulations and enjoy it.

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