I will look to the hills…

According to the current American Airlines ad, it was Johnny Carson who defined a New York Minute as the instant between the traffic light turning green and the guy behind you honking his horn. It’s also how you know you’re back in London. I love the space and huge horizons in Wales, but it’s also great to come back into the mayhem that is London traffic, where beautiful positioning matters less than having eyes in all sides of your head and a very, very pessimistic nature.

The last 50 miles are always the hardest – on the A41 it feels as though someone is separating every single one of my vertebrae with a rusty cleaver, and I curse to the seventh circle of hell the person who decided that lumpy yellow stripes on the run-up to roundabouts were going to be helpful.

The scores on the doors:

Miles covered: 960
RBR Points: 340
Landmarks in the bag: 17
Sheep Worried: 5
Number of times the B4090 traversed in search of Gallows Green: 2
G & T’s consumed: 2
Free Range Chickens not run over: 1
Votes cast for Lee and Craig in Any Dream Will Do: 0 (no mobile phone coverage in hotel!)

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