QotD: It’s A Wild, Wild Life

When was the last time you interacted with any sort of wildlife?
Submitted by warpedreality.

Yesterday! Wildlife is an occupational hazard of riding in the countryside. Horses you have to trickle past, holding the clutch in, so you don't spook them and make them bolt. This is fine when you are passing the horse downhill but I have yet to find a technique to make this work when trying to pass a horse uphill. Pheasants, rabbits and grouse have a tendency to bolt under your wheels at the last minute, making the road rather lumpy, so need a beady eye keeping on them. When the previous vehicle has failed to keep a sufficiently beady eye on the wildlife it becomes roadkill, which is slippery and offers little grip. But my closest interaction with the wildlife yesterday was coming round a corner in Pembrokshire and finding the road full of sheep basking in the sunshine. (I shouldn't have been surprised, I am in Wales after all). I know the rules for horses….but sheep? They waddled down the road in front of me for 300 yards and eventually herded themselves far enough to the side to let me squeeze by. Bikers get accused of lots of heinous activities, but sheep worrying?!!

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