R is for…

R is for Riding, of course, but when it comes to the RBR it first stands for Research.

I’ve finally cleared the decks of other commitments and have a four-day weekend coming up, which means an RBR run to Wales….but I’m behind in my research and have only just sat down and had a good Google.

I can tell I’m behind because there’s a scattering of other rallyers across village message boards and web forums asking “do you know anything about a well house?”

I’ve got my own secret sources but thanks for the tip-off about geograph, where landmarks come not just with a Landranger reference but also a photograph πŸ™‚

Less time researching = more time riding!



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5 responses to “R is for…

  1. Just an experimet to see whther I could in principle leave witty comments here as well as on Erin’sDT blog etcHave a nice jaunt to Wales – I’m going to be there on Thursday and Friday riding BMWs….

  2. hi Nikos! Witty comments most welcome. Are you on the BMW off-road school? It’s on my list of things to do…

  3. ..not off road yet – was just the “return to biking after 27 years course”. Day 1 was riding the X650 single cylinder job and day 2 I was placed on a R1200GS….I survived, enjoyed it (knees still knocking just like the boxer engine) and am still wondering how I made it in one piece. Weather and scenery were superb but the road sign are in Welsh. Offroad next time…..cdovwa

  4. You weren’t one of the 30 GS boys at the Mallywd petrol station? (see my post for Saturday!) I did think of sidling up to likely-looking candidates and saying “are you Nikos” but thought that might get me arrested πŸ™‚

  5. ..sadly not..I am in Ireland visiting Mother this weekend – not a 1200GS in sight!

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