Sorry, Mate – I really didn’t see you

I’m driving a brand new Fiesta this week – rented in Scotland – and it’s like sitting in an armoured cave.

If I want to check my drivers-side blind spot, I get an eyeful of door pillar:-

If I want to check my passenger-side blind spot, for example to pull in after an overtake, all I get is upholstry:-

When I’m on 4 wheels I’m usually in a G-reg Cavalier, so this has been a bit of an education. I know chunky A-pillars have become popular in answer to consumer pressure for occupant protection, but this is the first time I’ve seen for myself the full extent of the way this has compromised the safety of those outside the cage.

Looking forward to giving it back to the rental man. And giving cagers an even wider berth from now on!


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